Who We Are

LRS Private Wealth Management Inc. is the private practice of Luca Rosario Sciangola, a 17 year veteran and nationally recognized advisor working primarily in Alberta. By Leveraging a team approach including mortgage, tax and investment specialists, LRS Private Wealth Management Inc. caters to helping high net worth clientele with complex financial situations. 

Luca Rosario Sciangola
Investment, Tax & Estate Planning Advisor

Luca started his career working at an industry leading financial institution in Fredericton, New Brunswick. As one of the youngest advisors in the Country, Luca was able to quickly build his client base due to his unique approach, and his ability to deliver his message in an entertaining and engaging way.

In 2009 Luca moved to Calgary. Working alongside and being mentored by one of the number one portfolio managers in the country, he began working heavily in corporate finance and dealing with clients in the oil and gas industry, as well as professionals, and businesses. In 2013, Luca started his own practice, LRS Private Wealth Management Inc. Instead of focusing on volume like so many of the banks and institutions do, this allowed him to tailor his business to be more client centric and have a more hands on approach.

"My clients come to me with many financial goals and many pieces to their financial puzzle. Often, we see details being overlooked and opportunities slipping through the cracks on a year-to-year basis. It is these small details that really add up over the years. My goal is to help my clients attain financial freedom by looking at the sophisticated strategies and planning that the affluent use, and that the majority of Canadian’s aren't seeing.” 

Luca has great passion for helping his clients attain financial success and clarity. He takes time to understand every client’s situation, and then tailors a solution to help them get to where they want to go in the most efficient way possible. When Luca is not working with clients, he enjoys spending time with family, staying active and traveling the world.

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