At LRS Private Wealth Management, nothing is more important to us then the happiness of our clients, and hearing about the positive impact we have made. Don't just take it from us, hear what some of our clients have to say: 


"I met Luca at a financial seminar in Calgary for MD's. His friendly and expert demeanor captivated my trust in his financial intuition, and I moved over from MD Management where I had been since graduation. He used simple language, pictorials and proven strategy to explain how best to expand my corporate and personal portfolio’s. The returns have been fantastic. His holistic analysis and insight have proven to be very beneficial to the success of my corp. He is readily available to answer any questions I have, and modifies my planning and portfolios depending on market, career stage or life events. I feel totally comfortable and confident with Luca advising me on my investments and strategy going forward in my career and into retirement."

                                                                       Dr. Mary Noseworthy MD FRCPC


"Since meeting in 2018, Luca has been instrumental in helping me organize my financial situation. As a busy physician with a family, it was very hard to keep track of everything, and my bank would rarely call me if ever. Luca has a much more hands on approach. Since meeting, he has helped me build a comprehensive retirement plan that takes into consideration every aspect of my situation, not just parts of it. He proactively outlines investment opportunities as the market changes, and because of it, we have taken advantage of opportunities that otherwise would have been missed. Financially I am much better off with him as my CFO."

                                                                                Dr. Carlos Salgado CCFP


 "With Luca's guidance, my transition from a physician exclusive management organization was totally seamless.  His recommendations to rebalance the portfolio and take advantage of opportunities resulted in an exuberant recovery to the COVID induced drop in my investments.  I now have a firm financial plan for the future.  My only regret is that I did not meet someone like this earlier in my career.  Luca gets high praises as a consultant in the areas of availability, affability and ability.  He is not only my advisor, he is a friend!"

                                                                                 Dr. Pan & Julie Chow


"We have been investing with Luca for approximately 5 years. During this time, Luca has suggested innovative and lucrative investment strategies not previously brought to our attention by other financial advisors or our accountant. We are pleased with the performance of our portfolio and insurance products. Luca has proven to be a trusted, resourceful and attentive financial advisor."

                                                                        Dr. Mike and Sharry Hughson


“We met Luca at a Seminar he was hosting and I would definitely recommend him for his thoughtful analysis and wisdom. He is attentive and always available to provide us with clarity when needed. He chooses his portfolio based on changing market conditions and always tailors his suggestions to our situation without taking unnecessary risks. He understands us and I feel confident heading into retirement with him in our corner.”     

                                                                                      Dr. Nasim & Amin Karim                                            

"As a recent graduate from medical training, I found the task of managing debt and optimizing my income quite daunting. Luca has been instrumental in showing me proven strategies to diversify my financial portfolio, and I am now well on my way to building wealth and saving money through tax strategies I had no idea existed. I found Luca to be exceptionally knowledgeable as a financial advisor, and he has a natural talent in making sometimes complicated  income building methods easy to understand. I would highly recommend his services to any professional wishing to utilize tax and other financial strategies to enhance their income and save more money than they ever thought possible."
                                                                              Dr. Victor Quaye MD, CCFP. 


"We refer to Luca as our "financial architect," as we truly believe that he is helping us build a solid financial foundation for our future together.  Luca is a service-first professional, who is always available to clarify any questions that we may have in as much detail as we need.  He is "new-school" in his approach to advising, and offers innovative investment options on top of the classic options that we as Canadians have been washed with over the past few decades.  Not only are we confident and reassured by his exceptional knowledge in investments, Luca makes us feel like he cares, and that means a lot when you are planning your retirement.”

                                                                               Laura Draeger & Ray Henry 


“We met Luca at a seminar he was hosting at the Crown Plaza Hotel. The workshop was quite informative and he had a way of keeping you entertained. Very well done. We’ve been happy clients for years now and Luca is always great to work with. He understands us and the goals we have, and we always look forward to our next meeting.”

                                                                                     Jordan & Adrian Graham


“Luca has been a great help to me as I approach retirement. We met at a seminar he held at the winter club, and he quickly and thoroughly helped me get organized. Up to that point I hadn’t received much for direction from my existing advisors, and that is where his expertise was so valuable. He presented me with options I hadn’t even heard of, and he is always available whenever I have any questions, or if I need some reassurance. When things get scary in the markets, I can always count on a phone call or a text, and he usually has a strategy to come out ahead.”

                                                                                   Dr. Rosario Guevara 

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