What We Do

Whether innovation in health care, technology or business, the first steps in any advances have started with a vision. More importantly, they have started with a plan. At LRS Private Wealth Management Inc., we believe that it isn’t enough to just have a vision of where you want to go, but that you need a road map of how you are going to get there.

We work diligently with our clients to help them envision where they see themselves in retirement, and just like building a bridge, we help them put a blue print down on paper.

By getting to know our clients on a more personal level, we help them outline goals for the short and long term, and help them put in place a holistic plan to accomplish them.

By encompassing all of the disciplines of financial planning, and an added focus on our client’s needs, we are able to help our clients move forward with peace of mind that they don’t have to worry about the future, because they have planned for it.



As Canadians, it is no secret that the biggest expense we face in our lifetimes is our taxes. On everything from our investment returns, to the income we make, tax permeates everything that we do. We believe that this is the first place we need to start.

We work to make sure that not only is your retirement income planned in the most tax efficient manner, but that the structure of your investments follows the same pattern. Whether a physician, lawyer, business person, or an employee of a company, you deserve to keep as much of your hard earned money as you can.

Many of our clients own Canadian Controlled Private Corporations, and we work with each of them to ensure they are informed of changing legislation, and that they are taking advantage of every opportunity at their disposal. We are always looking for the most innovative ways to ensure clients’ money is staying in their pockets.

With the changes to passive investment taxation and income splitting for professionals, extra attention needs to be placed on planning. The decisions made today can drastically alter tomorrow. We are very well versed in these new rules, and more importantly, how to get around them.



With an ever changing economy, and the age of information, we work hard to analyze all of the ups and downs in the markets, and to keep our fingers on the pulse. We work with all of our clients to tailor fit an investment strategy that is right for them. It is important to us that they can rest assured knowing their money is working for them, and that they are capitalizing on every opportunity.

We will work with you to develop a risk profile taking into consideration your time horizon, investment knowledge, and experience. We then use that risk profile to customize an asset allocation strategy that will help you grow your nest egg while minimizing risk.



When building a financial plan, just like building a house, you must start with a strong foundation. We work with our clients to make sure that their income, and the plans we put in place are protected. We will work with you to get a clear look at how an unforeseen sickness can affect your plan, and help you utilize the tools you need in case of a disability or a critical illness. We will also make sure a plan is in place to take care of your loved ones in case of premature death.



Any good retirement plan should come equipped with a plan to make sure that after we are gone, the people we love the most are taken care of. We will work with you to build a strategy to minimize your tax liability, and maximize the estate you leave to your family or favorite charitable organizations. We will work with you to anticipate any future tax problems, and to insure that you will provide a tax efficient pool of assets that will roll over as effortlessly as possible. 



When all is said and done, we will wrap all of the pieces of the puzzle together in one moving document that will help guide you through retirement. One that outlines the different sources of income you will draw and when. It will take into consideration everything from government benefits, return on investments, and even inflation. Then we will meet regularly to update your plan, outline future projects, and update your plan as your situation changes.

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